Who, What & WHY

Hand2Hand Artisan society is a registered non-profit organization located in Edmonton, AB.  We are run by a group of 6 local artisans that have collaborated to bring the best hand made, high quality goods to the local market place.  We started this endeavour because each of us has a love of arts, creativity and the joy and uniqueness that brings to the world!  We believe in collaboration and supporting local artisans.  ​We host 2 markets each year with about 60 vendors.  The 6 partners are

Bro Brick


My name is MacKenzie Proudlove, and I am a Maker.  I create things for this world to enjoy. I own a small design company (www.mackenzieproudlove.com) and at night I make soap (www.thebrobrick.com).
During the day I make logos, brochures, websites, anything and everything that has to do with graphic design. At night I make the manliest bricks of soap on the market. I also made two small kids that fill the rest of my days. I enjoy tacos and wearing pajamas till noon.

Coalesce Natural Body Care

Coalesce Natural Body Care

Coalesce Natural Body Care was inspired by Carol Bilodeau.  I am a holistic practitioner and also one of the Hand2Hand partners.   I was introduced to essential oils and botanicals in some natural products I tried, and this led me to want to make my own skin care products.  I have had skin cancer and it is very important to me to ensure that what I put on my skin is nourishing, natural and of the highest quality.  I create products that nurture the skin, engage the sense of smell and feel great.

The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker

Hi, I'm Angeline The Dressmaker! I left my desk job to learn the art of dressmaking, and embark on a mission to help women love the way they look, one dress at a time! With strategic design techniques and fabric choices, I aim to create dresses that are fun, flattering and comfortable! All dresses are designed, cut and sewn by The Dressmaker in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Pottery By Teresa


to work with clay.   My passion is the art of making functional pottery with a modern flare.  Living overseas and traveling extensively has been a huge influence on how I create pieces, I weirdly find it very interesting to see how people around the world use kitchen ware, as well as, what they deem important for form and function.  I love to gas fire my pottery, I love how the glaze flows onto the completed pots and creates deep rich colors and a more natural look. 

Scrapbooking Creations by Janice

Scrapbooking Creations by Janice

My name is Janice from Scrapbooking Creations. I make beautiful handmade greeting cards and unique one of a kind albums for you to display your memories. I have been scrapbooking for over 25 years and I started so I could capture my family's memories.


WoodsEdge Edm

My name is David Luhoway. I am a journeyman carpenter by trade and I am WoodsEdge. I am also one of the members of Hand2hand.My love and appreciation of wood goes back to my childhood. It was sparked by my father as I watched him building the first home we owned. I have always loved to build and create things out of wood. At this stage in my life, wood is a medium that allows me to express my creative and artistic side.I currently make unique and colourful hardwood cutting boards and serving boards, in any number of sizes and shapes. As well,I have a number of custom pieces for clients.I try to incorporate reclaimed and repurposed hardwoods, in my pieces, with new stock, to create pieces that are not only pleasing to the eye but functional as well.