Past Vendors

Art & Bricolage


Felting is my passion.

I enjoy colors and textures of wool.

It is very warm and cozy material.

In my work I use extra

Bakers Block Chocolates


All of our products are handmade in Edmonton,

Alberta using Valrhona chocolate and featuring

local ingredients. Bakers Block Chocolates is well

known for our exquisitely handcrafted truffes and

delicious chocolate bark. These products change

throughout the year to reflect the different


Bare It Designs Ltd


Having been born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta

- Bare It Designs Ltd. and its owner Josephine Chai

are proud to call this city home. It is here that Jo

is constantly looking for inspiration "Custom

designs by Jo". Whether it's playing with her

children on a cold snowy day or enjoying a date

night with her husband at one of the many unique

restaurants around the city, Jo is always looking

for her next inspiration. Give us an idea for the next

creation and Jo will gladly make a demo just for


Beeswax & Cotton


Beeswax & Cotton makes and delivers exactly

what you need to kick cling wrap to the curb. With

our help you can transform your kitchen to fun,

fresh and friendly. Beeswax & Cotton food wraps

are designed to replace plastic wrap. Use them to

wrap cheese, fruit, vegetables, snacks,

sandwiches, bowls or anything else you would use

plastic wrap or bag for.

Betty Boop Birdhouses


BinChic’s Boutique


BinChic's Boutique offers hand-mixed, custom nail polish colours in a 5-Free formula. What does 5- Free mean? Well, that means that it is free from the top  five nasty Chemicals often found in mainstream nail polish.

Brianne Gabrielle Cakes


Signature chocolate gems: Our signature

chocolate gems are made fresh in small batches

using only the finest ingredients. Each gem is a

bite-sized morsel of smooth white chocolate

combined with crushed chocolate cookies and

topped with edible 23K gold.

BuhaoLife (Emily Chu Illustration)


Emily Chu is an Edmonton commercial illustrator.

BuhaoLife is her side project - A collection of

illustrated products that are sacrcastic, playful,

and sad/funny. These products include a line of

Grumpy Mercat goods (enamel pins, stickers,

prints), as well as screen printed tote bags, prints,

stickers, magnets greeting cards, t-shirts, and


Coco Napoleon Canadian Pet Wear


Coco Napoleon Canadian Pet Wear is a motherdaughter owned and operated business located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We offer customers a large selection of clothing and accessories for all sizes of dogs and cats from the teeny tiny to the extra large. 



Jennylynn loves painting, resin, watercolor,

photography and mixed media art. Inspired by

nature and her beautiful Canadian surroundings

she creates original artwork using various

mediums that uphold her own creative style.

Creative Fire Studio


Beverly Oliwa of Creative Fire Studio at the age of

60 became an artist. Working with natural fibers and a product to make them weather proof creating a unique art that is safe to be outside year round. Her work is shown at the Gossamer gallery and recently had been featured at the Muttart Conservatory. Bev is also a local teacher and has returned from teaching internationally, her classes are available online .

Earthgroove Activewear


Earthgroove Activewear is a about empowering

each other one step at a time. High quality fabrics

and materials are used and they are crafted locally

by local seamstresses. Wear something that

means something and purchase a garment from a


Eleri Creations


I am Geff Blenkinsopp of Eleri Creations. I am a

metal smith and usually work in copper, because it

can be treated and worked to give so many

incredible textures and  finishes.

elle richmann artistry.


extraordinarily enchanting, effervescent upcycling

is what we do!

Ellis Candle Company


We create hand poured small batch scented soy

wax candles. They are 100% natural and vegan. We

donate 1.00 from each candle to True Patriot Love

organization to support active military members

and veterans.

Fearless hART


I am a heart based artist and the creator of

beautiful moments that incite open hearted and

authentic connections. Through my accepting

attentiveness, I hold space that fosters an

environment for others to feel safe in their


Firefly Glassworks Studio


Laura Melnyk, of Firefly Glassworks Studio s a

self-taught glass artist. She became fascinated by

nature’s art work when she started to pick sea

glass on her travels to different ocean beaches.

She made different pieces from the sea glass and her

fascination on the topic of glass just grew. She

started making small pieces of jewelry in a microwave kiln in 2014 and now owns three large kilns that are always busy.

Fresh Start Services


Fresh Start creates long lasting modern sewn

items, with a flair for the nostalgia of your childhood.

Fuddy Duddy Creations


I create culturally diverse dolls to try and help

everyone love themselves a little bit more. I like to

think that my dolls spread the message that we

are all created the way we are and that the way we

are is something to be proud of.

Every doll that leaves my living room, dreams of

bringing a little more happiness and love to their

new family.



My fudge is made with no food colouring and no

preservatives and just melts in your mouth. I

always have samples, so come give it a try!

Glowz Metal Creations


My passion for Metal Art evolved from my love of

scroll sawing and carving. Working in the

Manufacturing industry for 35+ years, metal was

always intriguing, so combining my love of wood

working and metal has been a dream come true.

Not only by creating custom art designs, but all of

the people my small business has brought me into

contact with. I am enjoying new friendships and

meeting new people. At present I have art in Japan,

Switzerland, Australia, U.S.A., Vancouver Island

and many pieces on the east coast and locally.

Haiku Lane


Whimsical & vintage inspired jewelry for the free


Hop & Flop


As a graphic designer and illustrator, I love to bring

joy through my artwork which began with sending

out holiday cards to friends and family. I sketch

whimsical characters that are brought to life

through my cabinet of curiousity. Papergoods,

artwork and accessories are designed by me and

where possible produced locally.

Industrial Growth


Maggie is a metal artist from Edmonton. She

spent years as a welder and always saw beauty in

the scrap pile. Now, she has blended her

experience as a welder and creativity to make

unique metal artwork.

Innovative Artisans


Louise and Al first began creating, showing and

selling their pewter art several years ago, their

debut show being the Reynolds-Alberta Museum

Metal Art Show and Sale in September 2013. Since

then, their pewter has been accepted into several

select Alberta galleries.

J2 Studios Craft

J2 Studios Craft

My love for sewing, knitting and making pretty things come from influences from my mom and grandmothers.

J2 Studios Photography

J2Studios Photography

When Larry takes photographs he becomes part artist, dreamer, designer, storyteller and photographer!

Kick Ass Caramels


Kick Ass Caramels has only been in existence for

a couple years, and is a local endeavor! Its a labor

of love for old fashioned caramels, with creative

new flavor additions as well!

Larysa Eliuk Matchak


Along with her current work as a school

administrator and teacher, Larysa has been

painting and exhibiting her works for over ten

years. Larysa has participated in several art

exhibits sponsored by the University of Alberta,

Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta Council for

Ukrainian Arts, The Harcourt House Gallery

(Edmonton), KUMF Gallery (Toronto), solo

exhibits, at conferences and festivals across

Canada and in Europe.

Little Bow Studio


My name is Megan, and I am the one woman show

behind Little Bow Studio. I am a mother to a 2.5

year old daughter, who is the reason why I started

this little hobby business of mine. I never knew

cute little accessories like this existed until half

way into her 􀂡rst year of life and it was then that I

decided I would try a new venture.

Love & Chew Kids Boutique


We are located in Alberta, Canada and have been

so fortunate to have amazing customers in

Canada and Internationally! We look forward to

continuing to provide our beautiful Mama

customers, along with friends & family of Mamas,

with our handcrafted with love accessories.

*All of our items in the shop, 100% non-toxic, lead

free and BPA free materials are used. Perfect!!!

Margo Valens Glass Art


I have been creating with glass for years and I

have a serious glass addiction. I love shiny things

and I love to 



Melinda comes from a family of sewers.

Melindapets was started in 2015 in the small town

of Fort Nelson, BC. We expanding down to Salt

Spring Island, BC later that year to the independent

pet store, Whiskers. Melinda now resides in

Edmonton with her husband.. spreading the

warmth and care of handmade pet clothes.

Michelle's Curious Garden


I am a recycler. I love finding  objects I can

transform into something new. I take discarded

pieces and give them a new and unexpected life. I

create a unique selection of indoor and outdoor

planters planted into found objects.

Mini Kitchen


Creators of artisanal Indian and Thai meals, fully

prepared, just heat it and eat it!

Mona's Kitchen


Mona's Kitchen was born 5 years ago. She was

inspired by her grandmother back in Hungary, who

would always make everything from scratch and it

always tasted fantastic! Mona has always had

passion for cooking, baking and creating. She

loves to put a spin on traditional foods and baked

goods, making them healthier/lighter and still very

scrumptious. In the summer, she and her family

rescue as much delicious and ripe Alberta grown

fruit as they are able to and turn them into allnatural

fruit spreads. She loves to come up with

new ideas and recipes all the time and her children

are her biggest fans and inspiration.

My Sunshine Creations


When I had my son almost 5 years ago, I

discovered that there weren't as many cute

clothes for boys as there for for girls so I started

sewing clothes for him. Whenever we went out,

people complimented my son on his clothes

everywhere we went so I started to sell some of

my creations. It became much more successful

than I could imagine and my sister in law decided

to join me in the business. As we have grown

busier, we have started to collaborate with local

artists to design unique fabrics, as well as hire

local moms to help us sew our items. All our

items are designed to be practical, comfortable,

and stylish.

Myco Innovations Inc.


We produce the freshest mushroom on the

market. We also help people to grow their own

fresh mushrooms. With more than 20 years of

experience in the mushroom world, we are

delighted to see more and more people are

involved in the fantastic fungi world.

Naked handmade bath products


Naked handmade bath products specialize in kid

friendly natural products. We use only quality

ingredients ,we try to locally source all our

ingredients inside Canada.

We are a Alberta based company , just me any

husband make all the products ourselves. We use

amazing water dyes so the water gets colored not

yourself or your tub !!!

All our bath bombs give off bubbles to !

New products have launched. We have created

every single recipe ourselves with alot of trial an

error.. we are currently in a couple retail locations .

Ron’s Woodworking


Rons Woodworking. I have been enjoying working

with wood for many years now. It's a hobby that I

take proud in it. I bring boards games, candy jars,

bath tub tray,  flower baskets to name a few items

to the shows. I have made shelves & furniture for

many friends, family as well as people I've met at

the shows. Can’t wait to see you & hear what you

would love to see at future shows. 

Sashiko Studio


I have always had a passion for fabric, textile

design and handwork. When I discovered the

simple geometric designs of the Japanese craft of

Sashiko, I was captivated. These modern looking

patterns in fact date back over 500 years and

where originally used as a mending, and quilting

technique, on clothing and household goods. My

work combines the authentic hand stitching

techniques and patterns with modern colors and

materials to produce contemporary products with

the simple beauty of Japanese style.

Sawdust & Stain


Hey there! We are Kevin and Kaisa LeBlanc, a

husband and wife duo who love creating custom,

rustic charm for your home, using reclaimed wood

and materials. Each piece is a handmade, one of a

kind creation that is made with passion, care, and

love which shines through in every piece we make.

The love of woodworking and design goes hand in

hand with my LOVE of decorating, especially when

working with unique, one of a kind pieces that can

tell a story or be the topic of conversation! 

Stone Shaper Studios


We, Lisa Douziech, Barry Kostiuk and Shauna

Vollmer, are a trio of stone sculptors. We work

primarily with soapstone and our carvings are in

diverse styles from abstract to Canadians.

The Clay Queen


I have been potting for over 18 yrs.

My love of pottery is inspired by my love of clay,

and I'm thrilled to share that love through the finished unique product with others.

The Discovered Cupboard


Hi, my name is Erin from The Discovered

Cupboard. I re􀂡nish furniture and make unique

home decor items. I love bright colours and adding

a rustic element to the modern home. I have a love

of barnwood, distressed paint and fun shapes that

stand out.

The Playful Apron


Pauline brings a lifetime of sewing skills together

with a flair for matching interesting fabrics to

create functional and beautiful, one of a kind,

textile pieces. Whether for yourself, a child or a

friend, you will find a fabric that speaks to your


Through the Window Pane


An Old Pane with a Unique view is my current

passion . I have enjoyed many different types of

artistic expression all through my life . I hope you

enjoy the view.



Tweeling - things for kids inspired by kids. We use

the word kid loosely as everyone is a kid at heart

and we have something for everyone young and

young at heart.

Twisted Sisters Mill


Twisted Sisters & Company Fibre Mill (TSM) is a

family business, it is owned by three sisters –

Leanne, Renee and Marlene who may or may not

be a bit twisted! They specialize in Alpaca Yarn

and  finished products from this same yarn. The

alpaca fibre comes from the annual shearing of

the Sunnyhill Alpacas herd which is owned by

Leanne and her husband KevinorSunnyhill Alpacas

herd which is owned by Leanne and her husband

Kevin.Twisted Sisters & Company Fibre Mill (TSM)

is a family business, it is owned by three sisters –

Leanne, Renee and Marlene who may or may not

be a bit twisted!

Two Carrots Studio


At Two Carrots Studio, I design and construct

beautiful sterling silver and mixed metal jewelry,

incorporating gemstones and other objects. Using

traditional metalsmithing techniques, I create

rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pins. I

also like to challenge myself with larger scale

pieces such as the poppies you see on my logo.

With the exception of fine chains and clasps,

everything is hand fabricated.

Uniquely Greek


Uniquely Greek was created after having lived in

Greece for 4 years. My line of crafts began with

jewelry made from Greek beads but has since

changed to repurposing wine bottles and whiskey

barrels to create functional pieces of art.

We-met Wire Work


We-met Wire Work is the “Dream that came to be”

for Edmonton Alberta Wire Artist, Laura Ouimet.

Having always dabbled in arts and crafts, her

business grew after this Artform found her, and

she fell in love with it!

While She Was Dreaming


Alanna Gorne is a full time mother, wife and

business owner who marries her classic style with

contemporary textiles to create stunning jewelry.

With each piece she creates a story that re􀂢ects

her customer’s life. Wood, fabric, metal and lava

are a few of the materials that are merged into

wearable pieces of art that 􀂡t any part of your day.

She is constantly inspired by her own life and the

experiences of her loved ones to create new

jewelry lines each season.

Wildcraft Garden Soap Company


Every product is handmade by me, Jaimee, in

beautiful Alberta, Canada. By day (and with a few

university degrees to prove it) I am a biologist that

has the privledge to work for a national

conservation organization to manage and

conserve important landscapes across our

province. It provides me with endless sources of

inspiration for my soap and bath products.



 Hi! My name is Theresa and I make modern

scarves with pockets.

Shift Fibre Art


Hand crocheted kitchen products: Dish scrubbies

and dish cloths. Hand crocheted personal products: Body scrubbies and exfoliating pads, and cedar drying mats. Hand crocheted decor items: Baskets and plant pot covers. Hand crocheted and knitted baby blankets. Hand cut willow, poplar and carragana buttons

Coalesce Natural Body Care


 Coalesce Natural Body Care was inspired by Carol Bilodeau.  I am a holistic practitioner and also one of the Hand2Hand partners.   I was introduced to essential oils and botanicals in some natural products I tried, and this led me to want to make my own skin care products.  I have had skin cancer and it is very important to me to ensure that what I put on my skin is nourishing, natural and of the highest quality.  I create products that nurture the skin, engage the sense of smell and feel great. 

The Dressmaker


 Hi, I'm Angeline The Dressmaker! I left my desk job to learn the art of dressmaking, and embark on a mission to help women love the way they look, one dress at a time! With strategic design techniques and fabric choices, I aim to create dresses that are fun, flattering and comfortable! All dresses are designed, cut and sewn by The Dressmaker in Edmonton, Alberta.   

Pottery By Teresa


 Hi, my name is Teresa Milton, I am a potter and I love to work with clay.   My passion is the art of making functional pottery with a modern flare.  Living overseas and traveling extensively has been a huge influence on how I create pieces, I weirdly find it very interesting to see how people around the world use kitchen ware, as well as, what they deem important for form and function.  I love to gas fire my pottery, I love how the glaze flows onto the completed pots and creates deep rich colors and a more natural look.

Scrapbooking Creations by Janice


 My name is Janice from Scrapbooking Creations. I make beautiful handmade greeting cards and unique one of a kind albums for you to display your memories. I have been scrapbooking for over 25 years and I started so I could capture my family's memories.  



 My name is David Luhoway. I am a journeyman carpenter by trade and I am WoodsEdge. I am also one of the members of Hand2hand.My love and appreciation of wood goes back to my childhood. It was sparked by my father as I watched him building the first home we owned. I have always loved to build and create things out of wood. At this stage in my life, wood is a medium that allows me to express my creative and artistic side.I currently make unique and colourful hardwood cutting boards and serving boards, in any number of sizes and shapes. As well,I have a number of custom pieces for clients.I try to incorporate reclaimed and repurposed hardwoods, in my pieces, with new stock, to create pieces that are not only pleasing to the eye but functional as well.  

Bro Brick


  My name is MacKenzie Proudlove, and I am a Maker.  I create things for this world to enjoy. I own a small design company ( and at night I make soap (
During the day I make logos, brochures, websites, anything and everything that has to do with graphic design. At night I make the manliest bricks of soap on the market. I also made two small kids that fill the rest of my days. I enjoy tacos and wearing pajamas till noon.